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Dr. William Burrus Elementary at Drakes Creek Elementary

Delayed Opening

Questions and Answers


1.Why will the school not be ready to open in August?


The biggest reason for the delay is weather.


2.Is it unusual for a new school not to open on schedule?


While it is not ideal, it is not unusual or out-of-the-ordinary.


3.Why start the year off at Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek (KDDC)?


There are several reasons.

  • KDDC is on the same campus as WBE. Of all the possible locations, this is the most convenient for parents. Parents can drop off their children without visiting multiple school campuses.
  • KDDC is the easiest location for transportation. Bus routes are already in place for WBE students. The buses can use the same planned routes and simply drop off the students next door to the developing elementary site.
  • KDDC is also the easiest location for cafeteria staff. The cafeteria staff for WBE and KDDC can work together to prepare meals for the combined student populations. This location and its kitchen prevents the cafeteria staff from transporting lunches and breakfasts from off-site to a location without a commercial kitchen.

 4.Why not just leave the WBE-zoned students in their current schools until the new school is opened?

  • First of all, although not ideal, this situation lends itself to strong team building and a sense of community. By placing the students with the teachers that they will have for a full year, the students may begin the bonding and new-school acclamation process.
  • Because KDDC and WBE are in need of sharing the same building, it is hoped that the Drakes Creek community will become a stronger campus family and will do so at a much faster pace than it normally takes for other same-campus schools.
  • Because students do not come in neat packages of 20-25, there is no mathematical way to divide up the students among the feeder schools and ensure that they are with their WBE peers and with the teacher who will be teaching them the rest of the year. If there existed a way to do this, parents may have found themselves dropping off their WBE elementary children at multiple locations. Multiple locations would have made it impossible for bus transportation.

5.Does KDDC have the capacity to do this?


Yes. KDDC has the capacity to serve approximately 875 students. The district will be moving onto the KDDC site six portable classrooms, adding another 180 student capacity. This brings the capacity level to 1,055 students. KDDC currently serves just over 600 students, and WBE is expecting 445 students.  Although this will make for a tight situation, it is the best situation.


6.Will WBE still offer related arts classes?


WBE will offer the same related arts classes as originally planned.  Music, art, physical education, library, and guidance will be offered.


7.Will computer class be offered?


Yes. Computer classes for WBE students will be offered while school is held at KDDC.


8.What about library resources/books?


The library books have been ordered and are ready for delivery. However, due to limited library space at KDDC, the new library resources will not be unboxed until the new school is ready. WBE’s and KDDC’s librarians will work together and creatively to ensure the delivery of sound and age-appropriate instruction to the WBE students.


9.What about technology?  Will the new technology be used by WBE teachers and students while they are at KDDC?


WBE teachers and students will have access to the currently in-place technology at KDDC. However, WBE’s classroom technology will not be set up until the school is completed and ready for occupancy. In order for them to conduct school business, the WBE office staff will have access to its planned technology.


10.Is the same true for the new playground equipment and classroom furniture?


Yes. The new playground equipment and classroom furniture will not be unpackaged or used until the new school is ready to open.


11.Will all WBE-zoned students attend school at KDDC?  Will all special education programs attend WBE at KDDC?


Due to the limitations of space, most, but not all special education programs will move to the WBE at KDDC location. The BLAST class, resource intervention, and speech/language services will all be provided at WBE at KDDC. The CDC class will remain at its current location at Beech Elementary until the WBE building is completed. The two WBE PreK classes will remain at TW Hunter Middle until WBE’s building is completed.


12.Will WBE have textbooks while at KDDC?


Yes. WBE will have the exact same textbooks as the other elementary schools.


13.Will my WBE kindergarten student attend school in a portable?


No. Older students (fourth and fifth grade students) will be located in the portables.


14.Will the grade levels be grouped together inside KDDC or will the elementary classes be scattered throughout the school?


Every attempt will be made to keep grade levels together. Most likely, one entire wing will contain KDDC classes; one entire wing will contain WBE classes, and one wing will be divided between KDDC and WBE.


15.Will the WBE office staff occupy the same office space as the KDDC staff?


Most likely, one of the WBE office staff will work alongside the KDDC staff at the front office desk. This person will direct all WBE visitors and business to a separate location adjacent to the KDDC office. Dr. Mary Day Reynolds’s office will be located near the WBE classroom wings and the WBE office.


16.What will WBE’s school hours be?


The hours will be the same as originally planned - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.


17.Will KDDC school hours change?


No. KDDC’s hours will remain the same – 7:30 am – 2:30 pm.


18.Will there be before- and after-school care for WBE students?


Yes. There will be before- and after-school care.


19.How will I know where to drop off and pick up my child on the first day of school?


There will be signs designating the drop off and pick up lines. All this, as well as other important school information, will be shared on registration night prior to school beginning.


20.Will WBE have different registration nights as KDDC?


Yes. WBE will conduct its registration night on a different night than does KDDC. WBE’s registration night will be Monday, August 3rd from 5:00 – 8:00 pm. KDDC will hold registration on Tuesday, August 4th and Thursday, August 5th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.


21.How will this affect my KDDC student?


Your KDDC student may attend his/her sixth grade classes in one part of the building at the beginning of the school and another after WBE opens.


22.Will the KDDC students still be able to use their lockers, given their lockers may be located on a designated-WBE hallway?


Lockers are a big part of the middle school experience, and every attempt will be made to provide the ultimate middle school experience for KDDC students. Mr. Hayes and Dr. Reynolds will coordinate locker time for KDDC students so that the elementary classrooms are not disrupted.


23.What number do I call if I need to speak to someone in the WBE office?


That information will be available soon. Please check back at the WBE school website for this information and other pertinent information.


24.Will the WBE PTO be on hold until the new school opens?


No. The WBE PTO is fully functioning and operational. The school will lean heavily on its parents and teachers to ensure a successful and smooth transition from now until the last day of school in May 2016.


25.What about lunch times? How will lunches be scheduled?


Both principals and the cafeteria staff will work together to come up with a schedule that ensures all students are served within the lunch period.


26.What about PE? Will both schools be sharing the same gym? What about recess for the elementary students?


The PE teachers, with Mr. Hayes’s and Dr. Reynolds’s guidance, will work out a schedule that will satisfy both schools’ physical education needs and requirements. There is plenty of open space on the KDDC campus to provide recess for elementary students.


27.If I have additional questions about WBE, who should I contact?


Feel free to contact Dr. Mary Day Reynolds at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You may also visit the school’s website for additional information,




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