As we enter a new age in which computers are an everyday tool for students of all ages, we are faced with the difficult task of protecting our children from the dangerous elements that are, unfortunately, present on the Internet. There are some helpful tools available for this purpose. One longtime Madison Creek parent shared a resource that we believe could be handy for other parents as well. 

In her words:

"It is simple to download and free. My kids hate it because it will sometimes block sites that are ok, but you can put in the passcode and bypass it to allow one time or always. I find it very simple and a great tool. It also allows you to list content or certain "trigger" words you want blocked. I'm sure there are others out there that are just as good and it isn't perfect, but does give me some peace of mind while my kids are using the computer."

The program that she is refering to can be found here: and the best part is that it is FREE!