October 21,2016

Coaches like to remind players that "games aren't won in the first quarter." The same can be said of the school year. While it's a bit early to call 2016-2017 a "win," we have certainly set ourselves up for success, based on a fantastic first quarter. Over the first nine-weeks, Creek Nation has accomplished a tremendous amount. Consider just a few of the great things that have already happened.


We raised more than $20,000 through our annual City Saver Sale. Those proceeds helped us complete our two-year playground renovation in only 15 months...9 months ahead of schedule. Families play a critical role in all fundraising efforts. For example, adding more than $48,000 of new playground equimpment would have been impossible without our parents. Check out the the home page on this website for pictures of the new equipment. THANK YOU, PARENTS!


Recognizing the importance of family engagement, we have planned monthly Family Nights for 2016-2017. More than 200 people joined us for Family Fitness Night in September. Pictures of the event are posted on the home page. We are excited about the upcoming Family Math Night, scheduled for October 24. Other family nights are planned, including Literacy Night, Art Night, Holiday Party, Coffeehouse, Outdoor Movie Night, and more. Don't miss out on the fun!


Yes, exciting things are happening at the Creek. Our school community has already enjoyed 3 PTO Spirit Nights, the 5th Grade Musical, Grandparents Week, Book Fair, and Parent/Teacher Conferences (or as MCE Teachers call it, SOUPer Tuesday). Many thanks to those volunteers who supplied delicious soups and other foods for conferences. You are appreciated.


It's true, we may not be able to win the school year in the first quarter, but thanks to both little and big Creekazoids, we are well on our way to winning 2016-2017. Thank you for playing the game with us!



July 6,2016

As I type this message in early July, MCE is in the midst of an extreme school makeover.  The school’s original windows and doors had become damaged by rain and were cloudy and fogged over in many areas.  Though MCE is “boarded up” as I type, we are anxiously awaiting brand new windows and doors throughout the school.


These external improvements to our building, I believe, are symbolic of exciting internal improvements.  Gone are the clouds and fog that surrounded Tennessee public education over the last few years.  Families are now able to clearly see the standards students are expected to master.  Teachers’ familiarity with new curriculum has also cleared up, so to speak, and we now have an unobstructed view of the relationship between our standards and materials.  Perhaps equally important, Tennessee is working to remove much of the fog surrounding standardized testing for grades 3-5.  The challenges experienced with the TNReady assessment are hopefully behind us, as the test is being streamlined for the purposes of simplicity, and new vendors are being interviewed for administering the test.  Indeed, standards, curriculum, and assessments are clearer than they have been in recent memory.


The view from where I sit will soon be both literally and figuratively clearer than it has been during my tenure at MCE.  I hope you are as optimistic about 2016-2017 as I am.  Whether discussing standards, curriculum, assessments, or even windows, clarity is important.  This new school year will provide a much clearer view than we have enjoyed in recent memory.