Madison Creek Elementary
  • Students taking cover as practice for bad weather
    Weather Drill Practice

    It's that time of year already!  Our students recently refreshed their severe weather plans in their safe places.  They did an awesome job with something we hope we never need to implement.

  • Military veterans in front of stage
    Veterans come to share with MCE 5th graders

    We were honored to have eight U.S. military veterans come and share stories with our fifth grade students. The veterans were presented with a signed 'Welcome Home' banner at the end of their visit.

  • Ben Bruce talking to students
    STEM Intro to Second Grade

    Mr. Ben Bruce came to Madison Creek recently and talked with second graders about what STEM is and its importance.

  • Kids with marshmallow & spaghetti tower
    STEM Project in Action

    Some of Ms. Miller's students built a tower out of lightweight household items.  The kids were very engaged with the hands-on learning projects. 

  • The Pioneer Press

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School Vision:

Madison Creek Elementary is a diverse educational community of high performing students, competent staff, and supportive parents, collaborating strategically for the academic and emotional benefit of children.

School Mission:

Madison Creek Elementary commits to preparing students for middle school and beyond through quality instruction, effective resource management, shared leadership, and a collaborative culture.